Towards the Technological Advancement of the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry has become infamous for its lethargy in taking to modern technological advancements. But as for those who are prepared to take the bull by the horn by incorporating new technologies into their system, the harvest of such a step has been tremendous. When you visit any of the local trucking business office around you, what you will easily notice aside from the computer will be several file cabinets, a fax machine and perhaps a white board.

An average visitor might assume these items are the necessary equipment needed to pursue their job. Most transportation professionals also hold the same views with the assumption that: since they also have almost the same items in their own office, why should theirs look different? What they do not envisage is that trucking business should appear different.

Theirs should appear different because each of those office items have been converted into electronic tools in the digital age.

Hence, they have remained analog in an age that has become digitalized. Their insistence to retain those ancient equipment would only continue to encourage inefficiency.

For example, the fax machine has become obsolete with the advent of emails and document imaging. A good fax line costs $35/mo in addition to the long distance which can be another $35/mo. This tabulates into a total of about $70/mo or $840/yr.

Document imaging is a feature on most of the new model fax machines which also functions as printers, yet are to be bought with a scanner for $300 or less. The use of email is free while online fax accounts are fifteen dollars/mo with free long distance. Even when it becomes requisite that you have a scanner, using emails and document imaging saves $360 within the first year alone, then it would save $660 in each year that follows.

Yet, this calculation does not include how much will be saved from using less papers! And yes, about the file cabinets. You see, if document imaging is implemented as hitherto described, the purposes for using file cabinets should drop by at least 90%.

Documents such as Driver DOT files and signed Bills of Lading can easily be scanned and saved.With this done, they would not only be reducing the number of file cabinets in use but would also have considerably reduced the amount of floor space occupied by the file cabinets.


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More money is also saved from not having to buy more cabinets to stock up the documents. Aside from the fact that money is saved, the major savings is reflected in the amount of energy expended searching for the documents or even filing it in.

locate in thr file

The storage of documents on computers makes them easier to locate.
You only need fifteen seconds to locate what might take you five minutes to locate in the file cabinets.

great production

That is a great reduction of labor for tasks that are often carried out repeatedly for more than twenty times each day at work.
The level of efficiency gained for document imaging is above 25% of the administrative time needed for clerical duties.

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That is a whole whopping sum of $2000-$4000 per employee on an annual basis!

So what happens to that white board? Do you assume that it cannot be replaced?

Well, you are wrong. There are trucking software with dispatching features that can take the place of the white board within a heartbeat.

The trucking software does not just have dispatch management ability, most of these software packages have much more to manage the rest of the business.

The software can also handle trucking specific features such as driver specific pay types and settlement, equipment management, IFTA reporting, and many more.

Some of these software even have inbuilt document imaging that allows scanned documents to be easily stored up within the software to enable easy access.

While white boards are efficient for tracking work done that day or week, they cannot provide information as regards work done months before that period.


The use of trucking software and other technologically advanced equipment...


You may also need to optimize disk drives by upgrading them...


People will work hard to reduce the waiting time and route times...

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Technological Advancement

You cannot also use them to determine which of your driver, customer or truck raked in the highest profits.
Yet this is an information which is worth a million dollars, especially as it can affect business positively.
You might have a customer who consumes 10% of your resources while contributing only 2% to the bottom line.
Terminating your contract with such a customer might increase net profits by 10% or more.
Now, do not say you do not need a 10% raise this year as this would leave me shocked!


Trucking Industry

In conclusion, the use of trucking software and other technologically advanced equipment will not only substitute older tools, it can also increase efficiency level.
It would also save lots of money that would have otherwise been expended on manual equipment and tools.
Even if you are dogmatic and hopelessly stuck in the past believing that the old broom knows the corners of the house best, why don't you take the leap of faith by trying out these digital tools?
As technology continues to advance, greater tools will be developed to help you save money and become more efficient in your business.

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